White Dachshund

White Dachshund


Meeting a white dachshund on the street is not so easy. Despite the unusual and distinctive white dachshund, this breed is rarely bred in breeding nurseries, and its exotic white color is considered a tribal marriage. Nevertheless, there are people who passionately want to acquire this breed. You can familiarize yourself with the rules of care, as well as the characteristics of a pet, by reading this article.

History of Appearance

Long before the Dachshund was recognized and segregated into a separate breed, breeders were breeders regardless of color. The main thing that interests breeders is the qualitative characteristics of the animal.

Ancient paintings and frescoes with a dachshund were discovered. However, after the approval of the standard, it was prohibited to reproduce a white color. Nevertheless, albino puppies are periodically born in dachshunds with the usual color for us black or brown. There may be several explanations for this.

Mating of two dachshunds of marbled beige color. The total absence of pigment, which often appears at the birth of a puppy. The reason is based on a genetic defect that does not allow the synthesis of pigments.

Extreme degree of spotting, which is expressed locally by pigmented spots on the wool or a small amount of wool.

Distinctive Features

The albino dachshund can be presented in one of three categories. The main indicators of belonging to a particular category are the weight of the animal and the chest size. For a standard white dachshund, the following indicators are characteristic: not more than 10 kg, about 40 cm, respectively. For a miniature, the weight can be up to 6 kg, the chest size does not exceed 30 cm, for a white rabbit dachshund, a mass of 4 kg is characteristic and the chest size can vary from 20 to 25 cm.

Like regular dachshund breeds, an albino can have a smooth, long or leathery coat. Depending on its type, care will be selected. Smooth-coated Dachshunds’ hair is short and rather dense, giving the impression that the coat envelops the body.

Long-haired dachshund, despite popular opinion, has long hair only in certain areas – in the half of the body, ears, legs and tail. But the face of a white dachshund is covered with short hair. For the representative with brown hair, the representative is characterized by the presence of a rough undercoat on the face, which forms a kind of mustache and beard.

The body of an albino is elongated, the legs are harmoniously short, but there is no distortion. The shape of the muzzle is wedge-shaped with a strong stretched jaw. The auricles are pronounced and hang down, walking on the cheekbones of the animal. The eyes are not large and their corners are slightly raised. The eye shades can range from dark brown to amber, from light gold to azure blue.

Quite often, among dachshund albinos, there are bright red eyes. The nose, as a rule, coincides with the shadow of the eyes (can be brownish, beige, black). The white breed has a pinkish or white nose.

Although albinos are prone to birth defects due to genetic failure, they should not give the impression of a weak or fragile animal. The white-haired dachshund has strong bones and a well-developed muscular backbone.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Like any other breed, the albino dachshund has its strengths and weaknesses. Among the exceptional qualities of the white color, we can note:

strange appearance; spirit, intelligence; good will towards other animals and towards man; perfectly finds a common language with the child; many people have this breed with a sense of humor; white dachshunds are excellent hunters;

have a natural sensitivity, and are therefore often used as a security guard in the apartment.

Among the defects of this breed are generally distinguished

high risk of injury to the spine or back disease; the love of a dog to dig the ground can be a real test for the owner living on his own land lack of proper training contributes to the development of self-will and stubbornness in the dog there is a tendency to gain weight quickly and overeat;

when rude and inappropriate, the dog’s owner can hold a grudge and do all sorts of nasty things.

Content Recommendations

The rules for caring for a white-haired dachshund do not differ seriously from those of an ordinary dog. Albino should be combed with a special brush. With long hair, it is recommended to prefer the comb with fewer teeth. This way, it will be possible to comb out the tangled wool much faster. Periodically, the dog should have his hair cut, especially in summer, so as not to overheat due to the thickness of the fur.

The tuxedo with a hard wool breed will require a procedure such as trimming. It is necessary to help the animal to get rid of old and dead undercoat. The fact is that among the dachshunds – albino, there are individuals who are not able to lose themselves.

Bathing is much more common. It is not associated with any biological characteristics of the breed and is purely aesthetic. The fact is that the white color is more susceptible to contamination than brown or black wool. It should be noted that the albino is extremely sensitive to all chemicals. Therefore, the shampoo bath is preferably carried out at most once a week, or only when the wool is very dirty. The rest of the time, it is recommended to simply rinse the dog with warm water.

Animals’ eyes and ears should be checked daily for contamination. If necessary, rinse thoroughly with absorbent cotton soaked in lukewarm water. At the first symptoms of conjunctivitis, it is recommended to wash the eyes of dachshund with a furacilin solution. Nail trimming is done at most twice a month. With age, the animal’s nails develop more slowly and the procedure will be less frequent. As a rule, albino dachshunds correct themselves during the walk.

The white dachshund will not take much trouble in the content and will become an excellent companion, provided that he receives the attention and love of the owner, which he badly needs. Individuals of this breed need good food and regular physical activity. Albino Dachshunds are well suited to any lifestyle, including apartment living. However, the owner will often need to take the animal to the park or an open lawn, so that the dog does not suffer melancholy within the four walls.

How to Choose a Puppy?

When you decide to start a white cab, you should mention that with such a pet, you will not have the opportunity to participate in shows and championships. In addition, albino cabs do not have access to breeding. An animal whose color is caused by a genetic defect can be the cause of many serious diseases in the future.

First of all, it is recommended to pay attention to the puppy’s organs of vision and hearing. Some white individuals develop blindness in childhood. If the breeder allows it, take the opportunity to show your vet. It is very likely that he will tell you about the probable pathologies of an animal, probably due to albinism.

Discreet breeders sometimes allow themselves to flatten two white dachshunds in order to obtain albino puppies, which is strictly prohibited. Because the puppies born in this way tend to inherit various congenital pathologies from their parents. The children are in poor health and need constant supervision. The dachshund, which is a tribal marriage, receives at birth in the nursery a special mark in the documents. Carefully read the documents of the animal when purchasing.

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