Which acana dog food should i choose for my dog ?

Which acana dog food should i choose for my dog ?


Acana is one of the best brands of dog food, the quality of its ingredients place it as one of the top brands in the market, and one of the most demanded by dog owners.

This prestigious Canadian brand has a lot of varieties of dog and cat food, each one adapted to the needs of each animal. Obviously here we are going to analyze dog food, but…

Which Acana dog food should we choose for our dog? What is the best food for its breed and age? What ingredients should it contain?

Well, to begin with you should know that there are two aspects to take into account when choosing the feed for our dog:

* Size of the breed: Small (up to 9 Kg in adult age), medium (up to 25 Kg) or large (+ 25 Kg).

* Age of the dog: Puppy (up to 1.5 years old), adult (1-7 years old) or senior (more than 7 years old).

In this post we are going to see which Acana feeds are the most suitable for each size and life stage of our pet, or to solve specific health problems. Let’s see them!

1.- Best Acana Dog Food for Puppy Dogs

Puppy dogs need certain nutrients for optimal growth and development. Proteins and lipids are essential in their diet, so the food we choose to feed our puppy should have at least 30% protein.

These proteins can be of animal or vegetable origin, ideally a mixture of both. Some experts recommend that the amount of animal proteins should be higher than vegetable proteins, thus favoring the supply of amino acids necessary for this vital phase of the puppy.

Acana has specific feeds for puppies according to each breed size:

** ACANA PUPPY SMAL BREAD: Feed for small breed puppies (9 Kg in adult age).

** ACANA PUPPY & JUNIOR: Food for medium breed puppies (25 Kg in adult age).

** ACANA PUPPY LARGE BREAD: dry food for large breed puppies (+ 25 Kg in adult age).

The ingredients of Acana feed are totally natural and include a diet rich in proteins and fats: chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables,… These feeds contain 70% meat and 30% fruits and vegetables, and very few carbohydrates, which helps to control the weight of the animal and avoid problems in the development of their bones and joints.

Below we show you the best Acana dog food for puppies depending on the size of the breed: small, medium or large respectively.

2.- Best Acana Dog Food for Adult Dogs

It can be considered that a dog goes from puppy to adult between 6 months and a year and a half of life. From this point on, it is advisable to feed it with a food for adult dogs (1-7 years).

Acana’s adult dog foods are designed to maintain the ideal weight of our pet, providing it with the nutrients it needs at this stage of its life. Thus, in some cases, such as feed for medium and large adult dogs, the meat content is reduced to 60%, in addition to not containing cereals or carbohydrates.

The Acana feeds for adult dogs according to their size are the following:

** ACANA ADULT SMAL BREAD: Feed for adult small breed dogs (9 Kg in adult age).

** ACANA ADULT LIGHT & FIT: Food for medium breed adult dogs (25 Kg in adult age).

** ACANA ADULT LARGE BREAD: dry food for large breed adult dogs (+ 25 Kg in adult age).

The high amount of proteins in this feed ensures a good maintenance of the muscular mass of our dog in its adult phase. Fruits and vegetables provide fiber and vitamins that favor digestion and take care of his immune system.

Acana Feeds are elaborated with natural ingredients, including meat, internal organs and cartilage, which provide the adult dog with the nutrients it needs for its correct growth, and at the same time help us to maintain the ideal weight of our pet.

3.- Best Acana Senior Dog Food

Acana Senior is the ideal food for adult dogs over 7 years old. Its diet is based on 65% meat, without including fast absorption carbohydrates, which are the cause of overweight. These carbohydrates are replaced by hypoglycemic fruits and vegetables capable of delaying the cellular aging of the animal.

Some of the natural ingredients included in Acana Senior are: Chicken (boneless and dehydrated), chicken giblets (liver, heart, kidney), turkey, lentils, peas, eggs, pumpkin, turnips, cabbage, spinach, carrots, apples, blueberries, turmeric,…

4.- Acana Sport dry dog food for dogs with high physical activity

Acana Sport dry dog food is designed for sporting dogs with higher than normal physical activity. This food is based on a diet of proteins and fats, with 75% meat, which gives the dog the energy and endurance it needs. In addition, it does not include in its ingredients foods with fast sugars, which can cause diseases such as diabetes, such as potato, being zinc its only caloric supplement.

The recipe includes a higher proportion of chicken and turkey in relation to the other feeds, as well as chicken fat, which is increased from 4 to 7% in Acana Sport. This contributes to the correct maintenance of muscles, avoiding the loss of muscle mass due to exercise, and gives the most active dogs the necessary energy to cover their caloric needs.

5.- Acana Food for Dogs with Digestive Problems

If your dog suffers from digestive sensitivity, is allergic to any food or does not like the food you give him, you can try Acana Grass-Fed Lamb, a food made with lamb and apples specially designed for dogs with digestive problems.

This feed dispenses with cereals with a high glycemic value, such as corn or rice, as these foods can cause obesity or trigger diseases such as diabetes. Instead, it includes other ingredients such as seaweed, a source of essential fatty acids to improve your dog’s immune system.

6.- Acana Dog Food made with Fish

Acana Pacifica dog food is made with fresh fish and is ideal for dogs with allergies to chicken, red meat or animal proteins in general.

It is a recipe that includes 70% fish and 30% vegetables, fruits and plants. These ingredients are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and low in saturated fats, which helps to reduce cholesterol and facilitates weight loss in dogs with obesity.

This food is also highly recommended for puppies, due to the benefits that fish brings to their brain development. A balanced diet that helps maintain the health of their joints, improves their immune system and gives them a shiny coat and healthy skin.

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