What is the best dog food for dachshunds ?

What is the best dog food for dachshunds ?


We have already spoken many times in this blog about the importance of feeding the Dachshund, because if he gets fat he can suffer from back problems. A varied diet rich in proteins and vitamins will help him to have a satisfactory development of his vital functions and to maintain the line, but?

What kind of food should we give to our dachshund dog? What is the best brand of food for this breed? Should we change the food according to the age?

All these questions we will solve them here, in dachshundus, for that we are the web of the dachshund.

1- 1.- Wet food or feed, which is the best option ?

Actually, both wet food and feed can give our dachshund the amount of nutrients it needs for its correct development.

The difference between the two forms is in the water content, which is much higher in wet food. This makes this type of food tastier but also means that we need a larger quantity to provide the necessary nutrients, which makes it more expensive compared to feed.

Due also to the amount of water, the feed is better preserved, so it lasts longer. In addition, it is cleaner, dog poop is harder, which makes it easier to pick up, and some experts say that dry food is better for their teeth, as it cleans the tartar, although there are different opinions on this subject.

Another difference is that dry food, being more concentrated, requires less packaging, which makes it more environmentally friendly.

Therefore, the choice between one type or the other is more a matter of taste and needs. The feed is the most economical and cleanest option, however, wet food is more palatable and provides a quantity of water, which is very good for dogs that drink little.

2.- What ingredients should be in the food for Dachshunds ?

We already know that what matters is not the form of the food, but the ingredients it contains. But, what ingredients should be in the food for a dachshund?

This is not an easy question to answer, but what we do know is that it should contain a mixture of meat and vegetables. For example, for an adult dachshund, a good choice would be 70% meat and 30% vegetables, according to some experts.

On the other hand, the ingredients to avoid are preservatives, sweeteners such as sugar or artificial flavor enhancers. Cereals in excess are not good either.

Therefore, we should look at the packaging to know the ingredients it contains and choose those that contain quality foods that meet their nutritional requirements and provide all the nutrients they need to develop healthily.

3.- What is the best brand of food for Dachshunds ?

Nowadays there is a wide variety of dog food on the market, so deciding on one or the other can be complicated. As for the type of food, as we have mentioned above, we opt for dry food, that is to say, feed.

Our recommendation is to choose a recognized brand specialized in the breed in question, in this case the dachshund, nothing of general white supermarket brands.

For example, Royal Canin or Eukanuba brands have specific feed for the dachshund breed, rich in calcium and phosphorus, which contribute to the health of bones and joints, and helps to maintain the ideal weight of the animal.

The Acana brand also has a feed for dogs with a tendency to overweight, the Acana Adult Light & Fit, a recipe of natural ingredients rich in proteins and limited in carbohydrates that will help our Dachshund to maintain its ideal weight.

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