Weaning Period in the Female Dachshund

Weaning Period in the Female Dachshund


The weaning period takes place gradually. It corresponds roughly to the end of breastfeeding.

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Start of Weaning

The mother becomes impatient when the pups come to feed. She starts to train them herself by presenting them with her own food that the puppies try to lap up.

This period is psychologically difficult for the puppies: they begin the hard learning of the separation from the mother. This passage to adulthood should be done in the best possible conditions.

What To Do

Full weaning is done at 2 1/2 to 3 months of age.

Find a way to separate the puppies from their mother for part of the day so that their suckling instinct diminishes. If the puppies meet the mother only at mealtimes, this will allow them to develop her well-established habits.

Provide non-toxic toys for the puppies to chew on.Start by giving them ground meat so that they get used to eating solid foodDon’t give them cow’s milk; little Dachshunds tend to gorge themselves, so don’t let them. Digestion at this age is still delicate, so you will avoid gastric problemsDon’t forget to keep them warm. You don’t want them to get cold; don’t place them or leave them in draughts

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