The Oldest Sea Turtle

The Oldest Sea Turtle

The Oldest Sea Turtle, the normal human life expectancy is just shy of 80 years, however, a few creatures live significantly longer.

Greenland sharks, bowhead whales, koi, red ocean imps, may all live many years.

A kind of shellfish called the sea quahog has been known to live for over 500 years!

Certain turtles are particularly seemingly perpetual also.

How long do turtles live? Perhaps you can make sure to Crush the ocean turtle’s response in Disney’s Finding Nemo:

Hundred and fifty, man, and still youthful. Rock on!”

Squash was correct – many turtles and turtles can live to be above and beyond 150 years of age.

We should investigate a portion of the world’s longest-lived turtle species and record-breaking people.

How Long Do Turtles Live?: The Oldest Sea Turtle

As indicated by the Turtle Conservation Society, most turtle species live from 10 to 80 years.

In any case, ocean turtles and enormous land turtles can live to be a lot more seasoned.

Their life expectancy can be 150 years or more.

Likewise, with whales, sharks, and different species, it is frequently hard to decide a turtle’s definite age.

All things considered, specialists are not generally present when the creatures are conceived.

Some have assessed, notwithstanding, that huge turtles might have the option to live 400 to 500 years!

Meet the World’s Oldest Turtles: The Oldest Sea Turtle

Jonathan the Seychelles goliath turtle is right now the most seasoned known land creature on the planet.

Meet Jonathan and a portion of his ancestors as you consider the accompanying rundown of the absolute longest-lived land turtles that have existed in ongoing many years.

Notice that all ages are assessed or even challenged.

The appraisals are made because of logical investigations and verifiable records.

#5. Harriet the Giant Galapagos Land Tortoise: The Oldest Sea Turtle

Age: 175 (assessed)
Sex: Female
Size: 150 kg
Species: Giant Galapagos land turtle, Chelonoidis niger
Birth: Galapagos Islands, around 1830
Where it resided: Australia

Harriet enamored creature darlings for over a century in Australia, and twenty years as an inhabitant of Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia.

She was regularly seen on The Crocodile Hunter TV series.

Before her passing in 2006, Harriet was the most seasoned known creature on the planet (spineless creatures and vertebrates with derived yet unsubstantiated ages were not counted).

The Guinness Book of World Records had dubbed her the “most established living chelonian.

Where did Harriet come from?

Naturalist Charles Darwin gathered the turtle during an undertaking to the Galapagos Islands in 1835 – explicitly, the island of Santa Cruz.

At that point, she was about the size of a supper plate, and it was assessed that she probably incubated around 1830.

The Oldest Sea Turtle

She was taken first to England, then, at that point, showed up in Australia in 1842.

She inhabited the Brisbane Botanical Gardens for over 100 years before being moved to Fleay’s Fauna Sanctuary and afterward Australia Zoo.

As per the Australia Zoo, “DNA testing conclusively demonstrated that Harriet was something like one age more established than any current turtle in Australia.”

#4. Jonathan the Seychelles Giant Tortoise: The Oldest Sea Turtle

Age: 189 (assessed)
Sex: Male
Size: 48 inches long
Species: Seychelles goliath turtle, Aldabrachelys monstrous hololissa
Birth: Seychelles, around 1832
Where it resides: Saint Helena

Jonathan the Seychelles goliath turtle, a subspecies of the Aldabra monster turtle, was conceived an expected two years after Harriet.

Following her demise, he turned into the most established known living area creature.

Jonathan was gathered from Seychelles, a gathering of islands in the Indian Ocean and off the shoreline of Africa, in 1882.

He was brought to Saint Helena, an island in the Pacific Ocean, where he has lived from that point onward.

The Oldest Sea Turtle

Jonathan was depicted as “full-grown” in 1882.

Since these turtles arrive at development at 50 years old, it is assessed that they were brought forth no later than 1832.

He could notwithstanding, be a few years more seasoned.

As of April 2021, Jonathan was accounted for as being fit as a fiddle.

#3. Tu’i Malila the Radiated Tortoise: The Oldest Sea Turtle

Age: 189
Sex: Female
Size: 16.25 in. long, 13 in. wide, and 9.5 in. tall
Species: Radiated turtle, Astrochelys radiata
Birth: Madagascar, around 1777
Where it resided: Tonga

Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) swimming, Kona, Hawaii, United States

Tu’i Malila was said to have been gathered from Madagascar, an enormous island off the shoreline of Africa, by the British pilgrim James Cook in 1777.

She was subsequently given to the illustrious group of the island of Tonga in the Pacific.

The Oldest Sea Turtle

Tu’i Malila is the “unequaled checked record holder for the world’s most established turtle,” as per Guinness World Records, yet this record may before long be outperformed by Jonathan.

Tu’i Malila passed on in 1966, yet you can in any case see her safeguarded body in the Royal Palace of Tonga today.

#2. Adwaita the Aldabra Giant Tortoise: The Oldest Sea Turtle

Age: 255 (unsubstantiated)
Sex: Male
Size: 551 lbs
Species: Aldabra monster turtle, Aldabrachelys gigantea
Birth: Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles, around 1750
Where it resided: Kolkata, India

It is said that Adwaita showed up in India in 1757, living at a frontier home until being moved to the Alipore Zoo in 1875.

Adwaita inhabited the Alipore Zoological Gardens in Kolkata, India until he kicked the bucket in 2006.

You’ll see that Adwaita kicked the bucket around the same time as Harriet, however, his introduction to the world was assessed to have been 82 years sooner.

The Oldest Sea Turtle

For what reason was Harriet, and not Adwaita, thought about the most established living area creature around then?

The accounts of Adwaita’s beginnings are viewed as episodic and have not been affirmed, though Harriet’s assortment and voyages were all around reported.

A few agents rank Adwaita at the mature age of 150 at the hour of his passing.

#1. Alagba the African prod thighed turtle: The Oldest Sea Turtle

Age: 344 (challenged)
Sex: Female
Size: 20 inches, 90 lbs (normal)
Species: African prod thighed turtle, Geochelone sulcata
Birth: Africa, date unsubstantiated
Where it resided: Nigeria

In 2019, a Nigerian illustrious castle “declared that its occupant turtle… passed on after a short sickness, saying it was a noteworthy 344 years of age,” as indicated by the BBC.

The turtle, thought by some to have mending abilities, was said to have been brought to the castle by Isan Okumoyede, whose standard kept going from 1770 to 1797.

The Oldest Sea Turtle

This would imply that Alag Bad would have been north of 100 years of age when brought to the castle.

Numerous specialists consider this age far-fetched, as this turtle species regularly have a life expectancy of 80 to 100 years.

It has been proposed that the name Alag Bad has been given to more than one turtle throughout the long term, supplanting the previous at its demise.

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