The Dachshund Is An Excellent Hunting Dog

The Dachshund Is An Excellent Hunting Dog


It is often rare that a dog is both a good hunting dog and a good companion dog. And yet the Dachshund has both qualities. Of course, there are different varieties of Dachshunds, depending on their size and coat, but they are all excellent hunting dogs. Of course, some are more lively and affectionate than others, such as short-haired Dachshunds as hunting dogs or long-haired Dachshunds as companion dogs (with their smooth and shiny coat), but they all excel in digging up game when hunting.

And whether on land for hunting rabbits, deer, hares …, underground to flush out coypu, badgers, and foxes, or as a retriever of game (pheasant, duck, game birds …), Dachshunds are all keen.

Originally from Germany, the Dachshund appeared in the 17th century and was used to hunt badgers. This small dog, with a broad and deep chest, a broad croup, a long and muscular back, flat ribs, short legs and a not too long whip, is an excellent hunting dog, especially for flushing out coypu, badgers and foxes, among others, from their dens. He is also very good at hunting all types of game, whether it is a rabbit, a hare, a roe deer, a wild boar, a pheasant, a deer or a partridge… etc.

Dachshund Varieties

The dachshund represents the fourth group of the FCI classification. According to this classification, there are nine varieties of dachshunds, depending on their coat and size. There is the standard dachshund, having the largest size and having a chest circumference of more than 35 cm, but not exceeding 9 kg or 9.9 kg. In this category there are short-haired, wire-haired and long-haired dachshunds.

The second variety is the dwarf dachshund with a chest circumference of 30-35 cm (at 37 cm, tolerance of 2cm) and a weight of 4 kg. Just like the standard dachshund, there are dwarf dachshunds with short hair, those with wire hair and those with long hair. The third variety is the kaninchens, dachshunds with a chest circumference of less than 30 cm (always with a tolerance of 2cm) and a weight of 3.5 kg, short-haired, wire-haired and long-haired.

However, only 6 dachshunds have the kaninchen size, hence the classification “Standard” and “Miniatures” (grouping Kaninchen and dwarfs) according to the FCI. As for the colors, we can distinguish three types of dachshunds: the unicolors (red – from the lightest to the darkest), the bicolors (brown and tan or boar, and black and tan), and the harlequins (harlequin brown and tan, or harlequin black and tan).

What Varieties of Dachshunds For Hunting ?

All varieties of dachshunds are excellent hunting dogs. But the Shorthaired Dachshund (rough, shiny, short, smooth, with undercoat) is undoubtedly the leader of all Dachshunds. Originally used to hunt badgers, the Shorthaired Dachshund is a hunting dog skilled at digging up game from their burrows. With a delightful, mischievous and dominant character, the Shorthaired Dachshund requires more training, with more firmness but not beating, than other Dachshunds, even though it is an excellent hunting dog. As for the size, you should know that the dwarf dachshunds are more aggressive than the others.

The long-haired dachshund, less ancient than the short-haired dachshund, is the result of crosses between dachshunds: English spaniels and small German spaniels. Contrary to the short-haired dachshund, the long-haired dachshund is more obedient to hunt and is more pleasant to pet, becoming even the favorite of German nobles and their ladies. Indeed, it is dressed with a splendid coat “with the setter”, brilliant, soft and slightly undulated, covering its body of an equal length. This does not prevent him from being a very good hunter in addition to being an excellent companion dog.

The wirehaired dachshund, often grumpy and gruff, is less alert, less lively, and less clever than the longhaired dachshund. However, it is a very good hunting dog in addition to being an excellent companion for children as well as watchful guards. In general, the Dachshund varieties are excellent hunting dogs, both lively and intelligent, with a strong personality.

However, with their elongated back, they are prone to intervertebral problems and therefore it is advisable not to let them climb stairs often, jump very high, to avoid back problems. As for their character, Dachshunds are intelligent, funny, lively, cunning, loyal, observant, adaptable, hardy, affectionate, cheerful, brave. In short, endearing beings that often develop a possessive and sometimes stubborn character.

Hunting Adapted to The Dachshund

If originally, their role in hunting was to flush out game from their burrows, today Dachshunds are excellent multipurpose hunting dogs. On land, they can hunt wild boar, roe deer, hares, rabbits or even go in search of wounded game (deer, wild boar, etc.). Underground they can hunt badgers, foxes and rabbits (especially kaninchens).

But Dachshunds can also be water retrievers (pheasant, duck…). Endowed with a very fine nose, it can smell the tracks of a wounded game after 40 hours of search and is imposed as a hunting dog par excellence. And of course, it is also suitable for hunting game birds, being good at finding wounded animals. Unfortunately, there is the marsh which does not suit him, with his small legs which slows down his speed.

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