The Dachshund Abilities And The End of Training

The Dachshund Abilities And The End of Training

The Dachshund is an intelligent animal despite its nonchalant look.

Underestimating Your Dachshund’s Abilities

Have confidence in your Dachshund and, if it is sometimes difficult for him to accomplish the exercises that you impose on him, do not reproach him too much, act with discernment; think of his self-esteem.

Overestimation of Your Dachshund’s Abilities

Don’t push your dog beyond its limits. By carefully observing your Dachshund, you will get to know both his qualities and his faults.

If your Dachshund dislikes certain exercises, don’t force him to do them: be patient, otherwise you could cause nervous breakdowns that would be difficult to eliminate later.

The End of The Training

Your Dachshund has all the qualities required for good training. If you are serious about it, he will obey your commands; don’t play with him, he must feel the trainer’s hand.

It will take a lot of authority and patience to get him to do this, but when you’re done training him, you’ll have made him a dog you can be proud of.

You don’t need any special skills to train your pet. You’ll be amazed at the progress and quick results you’ll get.

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