The 3 Traits of The Dachshund That Will Make You Melt For Him

The 3 Traits of The Dachshund That Will Make You Melt For Him


Whether it’s shorthaired, longhaired or wirehaired, the Dachshund is still an adorable dog because of its elongated body and tiny legs. However, the funny appearance of this dog is not the only valid reason to adopt him. The Dachshund is indeed a dog with a big heart, which had not escaped the emperor Napoleon, an unconditional fan of this breed of dogs. Discover here the many traits of the Dachshund that will make you melt for him!

1. Small in Size, Big in Character

Dachshunds are generally cheerful and affectionate dogs. They love to be petted and lie in their owners’ laps, but don’t jump to conclusions… Dachshunds won’t always do everything you want. They’re full of energy and know what they want, but it’s precisely these traits that make them so likeable. Many will say that Dachshunds have a hard time listening, but you’ll have no problem imposing your authority if you’re patient and consistent during their training.

2. Always Ready For Adventure

Dachshunds were originally used for badger and fox hunting. Some people still hunt with their Dachshund(s), as these dogs are quick to follow a scent trail when they come across one. Not planning on picking up your weapons and putting on your camouflage suit anytime soon? Don’t worry! Dachshunds will enjoy simple walks in the wilderness as much as hunting.

3. A Real Source of Entertainment

Fetching a piece of wood, finding hidden objects in the house, learning new tricks… A Dachshund loves these kinds of activities! So there’s nothing like adopting this breed of dog if you’re looking to get more done. The good news is that your faithful companion won’t hesitate to snuggle up to you in the chair afterwards to recover from all that physical activity.

4. Dachshunds For All Tastes

Dachshunds don’t just have interesting traits; there are also many physical varieties. We mentioned three types at the beginning of this article (shorthair, longhair and wirehair), but there are also standard-sized dachshunds, dwarf dachshunds and the even smaller Kaninchen dachshunds. They also come in a variety of colors to suit all tastes. Would you like to adopt a black and brown, gray, striped or red dog? You’ll definitely find something to suit your taste with the Dachshund breed.

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