Teaching the Dachshund Not To Jump on The Furniture

Teaching the Dachshund Not To Jump on The Furniture


Your favorite chair or that of a family member will also be your Dachshund’s favorite chair.

It is obvious that he will think he has every right to lie or sit on it like the rest of his family.

How do you go about changing his mind? You have two options:

Break The Habit

The easiest way to break this habit is to put a cloth soaked in a special liquid that dogs can’t stand on the chair your Dachshund likes the most.

He’ll jump up on the chair, sniff it and turn around; he’ll never do it again.

You can also try to train him. As soon as he jumps on a chair, give him the command “come”, as you taught him in training lessons; he will immediately leave the chair and come to you.

Talk to him very sternly. After being scolded several times, he will not get back into your favorite chair… at least not in your presence.

The big problem will obviously be to get him out of it permanently.

Buy Some Mousetraps

Another method is to buy a few mousetraps and place them on “his” favorite chair, then cover them with a few pages of newspaper.

As soon as your Dachshund jumps on the chair, one of the mousetraps will close with a loud bang and your dog will jump off the chair in fear.

If he tries a second time, another trap will close and your dog will have learned his lesson.

You can also train him to go to bed when you tell him to: teach him the word “bed” by repeating it in a loud, muffled voice while pointing to his bed; do this several times until he understands.

This way, you can always send him to bed if he takes your place; if you still don’t succeed, just throw up your hands.

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