Smooth Haired Dachshunds Characteristics

Smooth Haired Dachshunds Characteristics


Smooth-coated, or as it is also called short-haired, the Dachshund refers to hunting dogs. Its specific qualities are easy to notice, even if it lives at home. The keen sense, dexterity and ability to quickly assimilate a team allow it to successfully adapt to all conditions. Today, many people do not start the dachshund to hunt, but simply with the aim of finding a faithful four-legged friend, because the nature of the dachshund is rather friendly. They love to play with adults and children and become their wonderful companions.

Race History

Norny dogs were known to man for a long time. They were taken with them to hunt, so that they could search for them, chase them out of their holes and help the person catch his prey. The help of these dogs was simply invaluable for a human prey. In the historical findings you can find pictures of dachshunds dating from the 16th century.

This breed is considered to be of German origin. According to one version, dachshunds appeared in the process of mixing pinschers and French bassettes, but there is another, according to which the dachshund appeared as a result of the mutation of hunting dogs. As hunting with a wheel was always an expensive pleasure, it was mainly noble people who enjoyed it, but hunting with a terrier was quite accessible to the lower classes: simple burghers were happy to drive these excellent hunters and take them with them to the forest.

The first standard for this breed was officially established in 1888. Today, the 2001 Dachshund standard is in effect. As a result of exports, this breed has also been in demand in other countries, while it retained its popularity at home and is now only distinguished by the German Shepherd in this regard.

To date, there are 3 types of elegantly haired dachshunds: the standard, the miniature and the rabbit. The latter was bred to prey on rabbits, since their holes are small, only small dogs can penetrate them.


The head of the smooth-haired dachshund has an elongated shape that gently lengthens towards the tip of the nose. The nose is colored black or brown depending on the color of the animal, the jaws are quite powerful. Brown eyes, slightly oblique. The hanging ears almost reach the level of the nose.

The body is long, but powerful, with a prominent and developed chest, the back is straight, the loins slightly protruding. The belly is rolled up, the body slightly oblique to the tail. The front legs are stronger and more backward. The tail tapers gently to the tip, is usually in a horizontal position.

The colors of dachshunds with straight hair can be different.

Monochrome – from yellow to red. Oleniy or sandy color, which implies a patch of hair with a dark tip;
Two-tone – black, brown, gray with light areas. Beige color, harlequin, marble, where the main color is white, red or other light shades with dark spots.

At the withers, the growth of males varies from 22 to 27 cm, in females from 20 to 25 cm, in dwarfs from 16 to 21 cm in males and from 14 to 19 cm in females, from 12 to 15 cm 10-13 cm, respectively.


Dachshunds are not only energetic and playful dogs, they also have a special sense of humor. With all its modest dimensions, the Dachshund considers itself a powerful beast, and if anyone tries to doubt that, it can show its teeth.

These animals particularly smell odors and hear subtle sounds. For this reason, they can actively sniff out passers-by. If the owner has not yet managed to teach the dog to behave, it is worthwhile to keep him on a leash. Sometimes the fee can seem naughty, all because of his habit of making decisions himself. When a dog agrees with the opinion of a person, he immediately carries out the command, otherwise the owner must insist on his own.

When it comes to stalking, this breed is very hot. Even a high fence will not be an obstacle for him – the dog will simply dig and dig more. In order for the animal not to cast his eyes on people or animals that interest him, it is necessary to teach him from an early age to carry out commands.

What to Feed?

The adult Dachshund is usually fed twice a day, in the morning and evening, at the same time, usually after a walk. It is best to place the food and water cups so that they are close to the dog’s shoulder line. Each day, she drinks about 1.5 liters of water. New products are gradually introduced into the puppy’s diet, one by one. In case of digestion problems or allergies, this will help determine its source.

It is recommended that the dachshund on the table has products containing protein, fat and protein. Meat or offal, either raw or cooked up to 10 minutes, while you can use the calculation: 15-20 grams per 1 kilogram of weight of the dog. Keep in mind that if the dog eats the bone with the meat, it is not worth feeding more that day. This food is digested for a long time, and the digestive system of the animal will work for a long time, so the next day’s portion should be slightly reduced.

Experts recommend giving more often dachshunds containing calcium and vitamins, To clarify the dosage and types of drugs can be a veterinarian. In the dog’s menu, it is good to introduce dairy products, eggs, fruit, vegetables and lean meat: beef, veal, poultry, horse meat, a little mutton is allowed. Sometimes a dog can be treated with boiled sea fish after removing large bones.

Care Features

To keep your pet’s coat always shiny, you don’t need to care for it thoroughly, just brush it weekly with a rough coat. Special gloves are used to massage and comb the dog’s coat perfectly. Furminator helps to get rid of loose hair. During the moulting period, the dog sheds the undercoat intensively and then needs to be combed daily.

When hunting breeds, health is important. Special attention is paid to the pet’s teeth. Getting rid of plaque helps both regular brushing and special foods – these are the bones of pet shops. Part of this task can cope with dry food. If one of the teeth is damaged, then it must be healed.

The care of the claws of an animal should be regular. The hair is done every 2 weeks, also if necessary, you need to chipped file. The eyes and ears are cleaned when they are contaminated. It is recommended to walk in the street as much as possible – this benefits the tax, both to improve physical health and to develop sociability. If possible, go out with her in the morning after sleep, 20 minutes after all meals and at night. The number of walks should be at least 3 per day. The recommended duration is 20 minutes to half an hour.

Do not allow the puppy to stand on his hind legs if he wants to stand in a column. This harms the immature spine and can lead to deformities. Active jumping games are also contraindicated, especially at height. Petting the small dog on the head, you should not have the ears too smooth, so that they do not lose their beautiful shape and do not sag.

Dachshunds are in the risk group for spinal diseases. They can have hernias that require treatment and without veterinary intervention, the animal can become seriously ill. To avoid damage to the back, do not allow the animal to jump from a height, do not allow strong shaking. Steep steps can also harm the health of the dog’s back. Therefore, if there is no elevator in the house, it is better to walk him and bring him in your arms.

Parenting Tips

**A dachshund’s desire to make independent decisions is not just a whim, but a product reflex. Being in the holes, these dogs always had to ask themselves where to go and where to look for the beast. It is not desirable to use physical punishment for disobedience, because these dogs also have a strong sense of self-esteem and can be very offended by you. Instead, it is best to use the method of ignoring, that is, for a moment, stop paying attention to the animal, thus expressing his displeasure.

**When an animal is trained, unconditioned reflexes are used in combination with mechanical action and food. Teams should sound confident, without unnecessary words and colorful intonations. After a successful performance, the animal receives a treat. For example, the command “Lie down” is given, then pressure is applied to the body, after which food is given. Do not give the dog two teams at once, as this will embarrass him and slow down the training.

**When the baby has just appeared in your home, he may whine at night after dreaming so much for his dog family. You should not put him in your bed out of pity, otherwise the animal will be difficult to wean from this habit.

**Teach the dog to free himself from the need in the street as soon as possible, without delaying the bedtime. Of course, at first the puppy can go to the diaper, but the later you retrain him to endure the street, the more difficult the process will be.

**A child should be taught to eat from the age of the puppy at certain times in the same place. Running around the house with food is great fun, but this behavior must be stopped immediately. You must also make sure that the dog does not scatter the food around the bowl.

**The animal must see you as a leader, which means that you can’t do without strict communication with him. Only then the dachshund will honor your commands and not cause chaos in the house.

**The training fee should be preceded by contact with the owner. In addition, she should respond to her nickname. This suggests that she understands when they turn to her and is ready to respond. Now you can get the dog used to your place and master the simplest commands. All of this should happen soon after the puppy enters a new family.

**Some dachshund owners are confronted with such an unpleasant phenomenon as puppy biting. To avoid such behavior, in the event of a bite, roll the newspaper and lightly hit the dog on the nose or rump, giving the command “Foo!”.If this does not help, then you can clench the bitten hand in a fist and push it further into the mouth, and with the other hand take the puppy by the collar, shake it and give the same command “Fu!” Although some experts say that it is impossible to raise taxes only by the skin of the neck.

Dachshunds are intelligent, playful and beautiful dogs, able to give the family a lot of positive emotions. They are loved for their precision, balance, ability to be patient and friendly. The lack of character can only be called their natural cunning. Walk the animal regularly and let us exercise so that it does not start digging directly into your apartment, and also monitor the health of his back.

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