How to train a dachshund puppy not to bite

How to train a dachshund puppy not to bite

If you’re worried about your dog biting you or other people, or destroying furniture, here are some tips to put an end to these bad habits.

A well-behaved dog is every owner’s dream, especially if the dog doesn’t bite other people, other dogs or the furniture in the house. Therefore, it is important to educate him from puppyhood, not only not to bite you or your personal objects, but also other individuals or animals.

It is normal, that in its first months of life, a puppy bites everything, since they express themselves through their mouth and, in this way, they explore everything around them, so it is healthy for them to do so, but after a while, you have to teach them that they can or cannot bite.

If you are worried about your dog biting you or causing damage in your home, keep reading the tips we have prepared for you to avoid this bad habit:

1- What to do if my dog growls and bites me.

This is something that many people wonder when they have a dog that bites everything, including you. That’s why it’s important that you know how to prevent your dog from having this unpleasant habit.

As we mentioned before, all puppies bite, that way they recognize everything around them, but as they grow up, they should know that it is not right to do so. Here, you must teach them the difference between a puppy bite and a dangerous bite.

If your dog bites you and you don’t know how to stop it, here are some tips to work with your dog.

Prevention is the key, from a young age, you must teach him not to hurt you when he bites you, if when he grows up he continues to do it, follow the following exercises:

** Take some feed in your hand and offer it to your dog.

** If he bites you when you try to give it to him, withdraw your hand and make a sound of pain. When your dog pulls his snout away, tell him he did well.

** Offer the food again, if he takes it without biting, give it to him.

** If he bites you again, repeat the exercise.

2- My dog bites the furniture

A dog that bites the furniture, generally does it out of boredom. If he does it when he is alone, it can also be a symptom of anxiety or stress. It is important that you teach him relaxation techniques, so that he does not destroy the furniture or accessories in your home.

If he has a favorite toy, this should always be with him, try to keep it in a place where the dog has easy access and can play and chew it, without destroying other things.

Another good practice is to designate him his special place at home, in that place should be his bed, his blanket, his toys and everything that is familiar and known to him, so he will have a place of rest and safe relaxation. In this way, when he is alone, he will settle in his corner and will be calm.

An active dog will not make a mess in the house. If you can, take a short walk with him before you leave, so he will be relaxed and will spend the day calmly.

3- My dog chews his tail

Your dog may entertain himself by chasing and biting his tail, but sometimes this can become an obsessive behavior. There are many causes for your dog to bite its tail, some of them are:

** If your dog has skin problems, he may bite his tail because of itching caused by allergies. You should consult your veterinarian for a check up and treatment. Parasites also cause itching, fleas and tapeworms also cause itching.

** Sometimes dogs have chronic pain and express it by biting their tails, it can be spinal or hip problems.

** Behavioral problems also cause your dog to bite his tail, usually due to anxiety or boredom. A daily dose of exercise will help him relax, apply these tips and you will see how his behavior improves.

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