How to train a dachshund not to bark

How to train a dachshund not to bark
dachshund bark

If your dachshund barks a lot, annoys other dogs and you already have complaints from your neighbors, it’s time to take action and find out what may be causing this unpleasant behavior in your dog.

Dachshunds barking is something natural, it is their way of expressing themselves, it can even be funny and it can also be a warning signal that your dog is sending you to play or get your attention. But when barking is excessive and does not stop in time, it can become a problem, so we must act quickly, since every dog owner must be responsible for controlling his pet.

If your dachshund barks a lot, bothers other dogs and you already have complaints from your neighbors, it is time to take action and find out what may be causing this unpleasant behavior in your dog.

Do you want to know tricks to stop your dachshund from barking? Keep reading and you will find recommendations and tips to prevent your dog from barking frequently.

dachshund bark


1- My dachshund barks at other dogs, how can I avoid it?

Dachshunds bark for many reasons, one of them may be that they want to get your attention to play, but it can also be due to a bad socialization with other dogs, so it is very important that from puppyhood, live and socialize with other animals of their species.

It is necessary a good training to avoid that your dachshund barks constantly to other dogs. If it is a call for attention to play, you must tell him how much barking is appropriate and make him see that he must wait calmly for his playmate to arrive.

Another cause of excessive barking is territory control, socialization is key to this. Take him to parks and other places where he meets other dachshunds, at the beginning it will be difficult and you will have to be patient, but with time you will see how the barking will stop and your dog will improve his behavior.

It is also important to control the dog’s anxiety and stress, so he will be calmer and bark less. In many cases, barking is caused by anxiety suffered by the animal.

If you have already tried these techniques and none of them have worked, you can try to put an anti-barking collar, to see if this way you can correct his behavior. Many people are reluctant to put this kind of collars, but the truth is that they are harmless and in most cases they work very well.

2- My dachshund barks when he is alone

The main cause of this barking is boredom, anxiety and stress that the animal feels when it is alone. To avoid this, you must take measures that allow him to be distracted and forget about loneliness.

First, your dachshund should have a corner of the house just for him, in that corner should be his bed, his blanket, his toys and anything else that he feels as his own. This way, when he feels anxious, he will be able to go to his resting place and relax.

Another good idea is to take him for a walk or exercise before you leave, this way he will release energy and be calmer until you get home. Remember that dachshunds tend to suffer from a lot of anxiety and their way of expressing it is by barking, so take into consideration these tips to make your dog feel much better.

3- How to make a dachshund not to bark when you order him to do so.

Educating a dachshund is not an easy task, it requires a lot of patience and determination to get your dog not to make unnecessary noises and not to bark so often.

One effective way to do this is the “quiet” command to stop him from barking or being distracted. You can use something that makes noise such as a bowl full of coins to get his attention, and then pronounce the “quiet” command.

When the dog’s barking stops, give him a treat and praise him, this way you will reinforce that behavior and every time you give the command, your dachshund will stop barking.

In any aspect of their training, dachshunds require a system, they respond to a routine and that will be determinant and will increase the probabilities of your success in their education.

It is never too late to educate a dachshunds, always remember to have a lot of patience, dedicate time and dedication to your dog’s education, not only makes you a responsible owner, but also, you will have a balanced and happy pet.



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