How to Call a Dachshund Dog ?

How to Call a Dachshund Dog ?


When a puppy appears in the house, the owners are anxious to know what to call him. And the case is often complicated by the breed of dog, because the breeder wants the name to convey character, be harmonious and have a certain status. In this article, we will examine the original names and variants of rare nicknames for dachshund puppies.

Title Rules

Dachshund breeders have their own rules that guide them in choosing nicknames for puppies. For example, they select one or the other option according to the characteristic qualities of dogs of this breed. Other aspects can be noted.

*Breeders do not give simple nicknames like Bobby, Sharik, Bugs and Buddy. *The name must be sound, but brief, the dog takes the long name worse. *The name should not consist of an incomprehensible set of letters, it should in any case have its own meaning or translation. *A guide for the choice can be the appearance of the animal or its character. *You can not do too much with the creation in the title, because in society because of this, there may be various incidents. *You can not call a dog obscene words: it is scientifically proven that this affects the character of the animal and its relationship with the owner.

*The selection of nicknames characterizing the defects of a puppy (for example, its injury or physiological characteristics) is not allowed.

In society, these dogs and so are not considered the most friendly. And with such a nickname, they have no chance to socialize normally.

Where to Start?

Dachshund puppies names can be imagined according to different criteria.

For example, they can be:

*corresponding names; *nicknames of animals in history; *names in honor of idols;

*nicknames for individuals of different sexes.

The simplest, in terms of choice, are the nicknames that take into account the color of the animal. For example, a black puppy will be nicknamed Black, Knight or Bran, reddish sand – Sunny (sun), bright red – Fox (fox), Goldie (gold). If we talk about the shades of the breed, then there are many options.

For example, a puppy can be called Baron, Lord, Prince, Emir. When selecting one of the names, it is important to speak it several times – this will help you understand how it sounds when you call the dog. If you do not like the name at all, you can choose a hunting variant (say, hunter or forest).

As for choosing the category entered in the history of dogs, there are also places to walk. The names can be very different. For example, you can choose the nickname Valdi, named after the dog, the symbol of the 1972 Olympic Games. In addition, you can give your puppy a name:

Wadl and Hexl (after the dogs of Wilhelm II); Grenouille (this was the name of Napoleon’s favorite); Ryan (pet of the American general J.S. Paton);

Lampe (Pablo Picasso’s dog).

Representatives of the breed Dachshund have individuals belonging to three different groups. This standard breed, mini and rabbit dachshund. This feature allows you to focus on choosing a pet name. And for each category, you can choose many nicknames. For example, a medium pet can be called Max, Gross, Grand or Big. Puppy, related to the mini, you can assign the nicknames Little or Poked.The smallest member of the breed can be called Winnie or simply – V.

Leisure Based

The breeder’s perspectives can also help determine the choice of a Dachshund puppy name. For example, you can navigate the selection of one option or another, looking at the preferences of branches of culture such as film, music or literature. In addition, the nickname can be chosen in honor of the name of the pop artist. Of course, you don’t have to copy it completely, but diminutive options are welcome. Let’s say the good names are nicknames:

*Ricky or Ricci; *Mickey or Morris; *Jacques, Dick, Sam, Leo or Pitt;

*Bruce or Russell.

As for literary names, you can borrow individual names, such as King, Dante, Henry, George, Lem or Mathis. This can be part of a character’s name in a book. Also recently, the selection of the name of modern cartoons is gaining popularity. Since they often have many strange characters with abbreviated names, a full copy is unlikely to offend the cartoon character, but it’s fine for a living pet.

For example, the currently fashionable version of the name is the nickname Zus. In addition, the funny puppy can be given a name:

Buddy or Barry; Boots or Hector; Bucks or Zeus; Gough or Damon; Snoop or Stark;

Groot or Hooch.

Selection by Character

The puppy’s name is not assigned at birth, so the owner has a few days to determine it. The nickname can be invented from any habits or traits. For example, you can give the nickname to a puppy Fanny (funny, funny), Sleepee (sleeping); Sly (cunning); Pretty (cute), Brown (smart). Names of this type are short and catchy, they sound good compared to the meanings in Russian.

How Not to Call?

There is a category of nicknames that are not at all suitable for dachshunds. These include names such as Polkan, Thunder, Bes, Typhoon and similar names. You should not call female puppies such nicknames as Dasha, Lisa, Mosya, Kotya, Zhuzha, Masha. By the way, Vasya, Petya, Filia are also not suitable as nicknames for four-legged animals. It is not necessary to call the names of flowers of large purebred dogs (for example, peony, narcissus, phlox or rose).

Also, do not name the dog after the stone. Opal, Amethyst or Agatha are not an entirely appropriate choice for cabs. Also, comparisons to sausages are not appropriate for animals of this breed (sausages, sausages, sausages). The list of the most unsuccessful names included nicknames such as Dwarf, Pelmen, Cheburek and Patty.

At least strange are the nicknames Sinister, Badass, Tuning, Troll and Coco. The status of the dog such names do not add, but the opinion of its owner will be very accurate. Even if the pet does not differ in its docility of character, it is not necessary to call it so. It is unlikely that the breeder would have liked if his name was about the same. No names like Chesun, Lizun, Kusun and Zarapysh are necessary.

Original Nicknames

If you want your pet to have a rare name, you can refer to the dachshund options that appeal to Asians. They are distinguished by a special look at the choice of the name, which not only sounds beautiful, but also has a certain meaning. The uniqueness of nicknames is brevity, while the translation is very interesting and can speak not only about the character of the animal, but also about the attitude of the owner to it. The Japanese give interesting nicknames to dogs of different sexes.

For example, among the many options, you can choose names such as:

Michiko (child of beauty); Takara (treasure, treasure); Yuki (snow); Haruko (baby in spring); Hoshiko (star child); Megumi (blessing); Ayumu (wandering in a dream); Aiko (favorite);

Natsu (born in summer).

When it comes to choosing a name for girl puppies, then you can choose many options. For example, you can call a dog:

Amayo (rainy night); Etsuko (child of joy); We (wave); Hauki (radiant); Hotaru (firefly); Hikari (light);

Kaori (pleasant aroma).

What Should be Considered ?

The name of the dog should be chosen so that it sounds good in the pedigree. In addition, it can be selected taking into account the discount. For example, the same Richard in the pedigree can meet the nickname Rich or Richie, Digger – if they call him Dig. We give some more examples of good cuts.

Kari (from Karin); Gels (from Angelica); Gabi (from Gabriella); Reni (from Renata); Sabi (from Sabina); Matti (from Matthias); Rolly (from Rolf); Tomi (from Thomas); Swenny (from Sven);

Mert (from Martin).

By choosing such names, the breeder leaves behind a beautiful and sound nickname for the dog, while making it easier to remember the nickname.


In choosing sometimes strange nicknames for pets, breeders do not consider its degree of relevance. For example, if the owner seems to be a nice name Tomahawk or Rumor, then with a dog, it can have nothing in common. The same can be said of the nicknames Podliz, Cupcake, Scotch, Radar, Sprat, Kisa, Chumka, Gavka. These nicknames seem ugly, they do not fit into the status of noble dogs, questioning the adequacy of the breeder.

For example, the nickname Schwartz is much more creative: it is clearly in honor of the name of the animal and its character. The same can be said about the nickname Mozart. It can refer to the nobility of the breed. Watson can be a researcher, this nickname is good for curious dogs. Paj also sounds good, although it translates to “shorty”.

There is no need to give dogs the names that are best suited for cats. No matter how much you want to stand out, Fluff or Murka has a bad image. It is better to call your treasure Oscar, it is a pretty spectacular name (in short, you can call the dog Osya). Not bad will sound and Feint – this name reflects the mobility and agility of the dog.

You can choose a creative name that fits our time. For example, Tweety sounds good (from Twitter). A rare name, if not one. It is also possible to call a dachshund Dark (dark), Wuppi, Gabby, Roxy. The names Nicky, Ricky, Daa, Momo, Frank and Sven sound good.

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