How Long Does a Dachshund Dog Live

How Long Does a Dachshund Dog Live


Dachshund is a fun and active dog breed that leaves no one indifferent. As you know, you quickly get used to animals, and the sudden death of an animal can cause serious depression in a person. If the owner of a dachshund values the life of his pet and does not want to part with it in advance, it is worth taking care in advance to maximize its life.

Genetic Characteristics of The Breed

First of all, you need to know what health problems a dachshund can cause, because it is most often the diseases that cause the premature death of a pet. For example, in dogs of this breed, there is a genetic propensity to gain weight. Obese animals have less physical activity, they have a serious pathology of the digestive tract, diabetes. All this leads to a reduction in life expectancy.

In addition, dachshunds do not boast a strong spine. This part of the skeleton is sensitive to jumps. Even the usual descent down the stairs can seriously damage the health of the dog. Another common disease in these animals is inflammation of the ear. The older a dog gets, the higher the risk of developing glaucoma and cataracts.

”This breed also has a genetic propensity for diseases of the genitourinary system, and gum and tooth problems are almost never avoided, especially in older dogs.”

Average Life Expectancy

As a general rule, small breeds of dogs live longer than large breeds. On average, the lifespan of a standard Dachshund is 12 to 14 years, but of course there are long-lived dogs. Remember at least the famous Rocky from California, who lived 25 years. The lifespan of a tax depends on its heredity, its conditions of detention and even its psychological state.

“” For example, an animal raised by an irresponsible owner who wants to pet is constantly under stress which greatly reduces its life span. “”

For the same reason, women are considered to live longer than men. The fact is that girls are more balanced, calmer and rarely have neuroses, unlike emotionally vulnerable boys of the same race.

“” In addition, due to frequent hormonal outbursts, men often get into fights with other men, which leads to injuries and other health problems, again affecting life expectancy. “”

If the apartment contains two dachshunds of different sexes, it is recommended to castrate a dog, because it is impossible to knit permanently representatives of this breed. If it is impossible to satisfy their sexual needs, the male, being in the same house as the current female, is under intense stress, he may refuse food and entertainment. A castrated boy will be calmer, his psychological state will stabilize.

“” If you take good care of your pet, you can extend its life to 18 years. “”

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Age Determination

Without a veterinary passport and metric, it is difficult to determine the age of the dog, but if you look at some of the external characteristics, you can understand roughly how old a particular animal is.

If a dog has gray hair, then, probably, it has already passed 7 years. At this age, dachshunds begin to blush on the lips and chin.The forehead and muzzle completely gray indicate that the animal is already 9 years old.

Smooth and shiny wool is characteristic of young individuals, in older dogs, the wool fades and ruffles.

Pay attention to the eyes. In older dogs, they sink a little and look deep.

Smooth, white and shiny teeth indicate that the dog is not yet two years old. However, after noticing that the lower fangs are a bit effaced, it can be assumed that the tax is collected between 18 and 24 months. The erased lower incisors indicate that the dog is 2 1/2 years old, and at this age the teeth begin to lose their luster and whiteness. At 5 years of age, the Dachshund erases the fangs and blunts, and at 6 years of age, these teeth turn yellow, tartar appears. The irregular oval shaped lower fangs indicate a 7 year old dog. If the lower incisors are in the same condition, the dachshund has already passed the age of 8 to 9 years.

When a dachshund and teeth fall out at all, then it is barely 10 years old and most likely already 12 years old. At the same age, vision and hearing decrease.

Causes of Premature Death

The following can lead to the unexpected death of the dog. reasons.

Dachshund diseases: This breed is characterized by such diseases as thoracic malformation, slipped disc syndrome, epilepsy, retinal atrophy and pathologies of the development of visual organs. In itself, these diseases can not be called causes of death, but health problems lead to the fact that the animal begins to move less, loss of vision is under stress, convulsions cause suffering to the dog. All this leads to a reduction in life expectancy or forces the owner to put down a pet.

Chronic diseases: Dachshunds are active and playful creatures, and depending on their behavior, the development of an illness may go completely unnoticed. Very often, chronic diseases occur in a latent form and the dog dies suddenly at the age of 8-10 years.

Injuries or accidents: Usually, in such situations, the owner is to blame. If the animal walks outside the special area, then it must be kept on a leash. Even a domestic dog is surrounded by many dangers. Most often, these are cars. In addition, a pet can be injured by running away from an inattentive host, for example, following the dog you love. Left alone at home, the dog at home does not know how to behave, how to defend himself from a flock of important relatives, how to avoid hitting the car, how to hide from enemies.

Poisoning: Even if the pet is still walking on a leash, the owner should make sure that the pet does not pick up anything from the ground. First, utilities can poison rats in the basement. And then the poison may be near that area. Second, experienced dog lovers are aware of the threat our dog hunters pose to our little brothers. These people deliberately disperse dog poison in areas where owners are used to walking their pets. Therefore, a walk should be as careful as possible. The tax is not protected from this problem at home. If the apartment is being renovated, the dog should be isolated from tanks containing construction liquids.

Ways to Extend a Pet’s Life


Good nutrition – a guarantee of well-being and good health for your pet. If the dog eats natural food, the proportion of meat products per day should be at least 30%. If the tax works, this indicator increases to 50%. In addition, the diet should consist of rice, buckwheat, oatmeal and vegetables.

“Sometimes, as a treat, you can offer your pet pieces of fruit or low-fat cheese. “

If the Dachshund is fed a convenience food, then it must be a premium, super premium or holistic food. To calculate the correct daily rate, consult your veterinarian.

“Overfeeding an animal guarantees animal health problems. “


Because of the Dachshund’s bad back, do not give him a soft mattress as a bed, but hard bedding. Comb the animal regularly. Often this is done during the moulting period. Combing is especially important for long-haired varieties. If the pet is participating in the show, a professional should be trusted to groom it. Bathe your pet as needed.

“ Don’t forget parasite treatments and annual vaccinations. “

Regularly treat your dog’s eyes with a cotton ball soaked in warm water or a special product. If necessary, the tax should be cleaned with a cotton swab. In order to detect the problem in time, it is important to conduct a regular examination of the hearing organs. Do not save on toys for gnawing. Although usually dachshunds clean their teeth independently, it will be difficult for them to deal with this problem without special means.

“ If the dog’s claws are heavily developed, they are shortened with a claw trimmer. “

Older pets need special attention. Beware of drafts in the presence of an aging Dachshund, warm your pet up for a walk in cold weather. Try not to bathe the older dog so that it doesn’t catch a cold.

Physical Activity

Active physical activity leads to longevity not only in the human world, but also in the canine world. Outdoor play should be a part of the Dachshund’s daily life. Jogging required every day. Let the walks be short, but frequent, because during a long run the dog can become overworked, which leads to a shortened lifespan.

If there are no special dog-walking areas in the city and the dachshund must be led only on a leash, take trips into the wild where the pet can enjoy the fresh air and run free.

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