Dachshunds Puppy Training Tips

Dachshunds Puppy Training Tips

You’ll be pleased to see how proud your dog is to do what you tell him to do once the training is complete.

Remember, your Dachshund is a stubborn and disobedient dog, so you’ll have to go a long way with him before you can achieve the final result.

If you don’t feel up to it, we recommend that you seek the help of a professional trainer, chosen wisely after asking for advice from your family and friends and especially from a dog consultant, whose advice should be taken seriously.

First part of the training

The first part of the Dachshund training aims at making the animal understand the constraints of everyday life:

*not to bark when forbidden *not to relieve himself where it is forbidden *to know how to stay on a leash *not to steal *answer his name

*walk near you if you tell him to, etc.

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