Dachshund sizes: Standard, miniature and kaninchen, which one to choose ?

Dachshund sizes: Standard, miniature and kaninchen, which one to choose ?


Learn about the different types of Dachshunds according to their size.

There are 3 varieties of dachshunds according to their size :

Standard Dachshund: Thoracic perimeter greater than 35 cm. Maximum weight approximately 9 kg.

A standard dachshund of European line weighs about 8 to 9 kilos, and the American standard can weigh up to 15 kilos.

Miniature Dachshund: Thoracic perimeter between 30 and 35 cm, at the minimum age of 15 months.

A European Miniature Dachshund weighs up to 3.5-5 kilos, a little more if it is of American line, up to 6 kilos, because they have more bone. In the same size of dog they weigh a little more, because they have for example fatter legs.

Kaninchen Dachshund: Thoracic perimeter less than 30 cm, at the minimum age of 15 months.

Kaninchen means rabbit in German. They are very suitable dogs for hunting, since the 30 cm perimeter is in theory the limit for them to enter without problems in a rabbit hole. That is why it is also known as Dachshund for rabbit hunting.

The kaninchen, or rabbit hunting dachshund, can weigh about 3 or 4 kilos. Somewhat more in the same size dog if they are of American line, because they are more compact, with more bone.

There is currently 2 cm of margin upwards in all varieties. Kaninchen dachshunds can have a thoracic perimeter up to 32 cm and miniature dachshunds up to 37 cm.

The difference between standard and miniature is enormous, and between kaninchen and miniature is not so great.

1- Types of dachshunds according to other coat and size

The teckel or daschund, popularly called dachshund, have three varieties of hair and three of size, forming 9 different breeds that compose the group 4.

In the Dachshund it is correct to speak of miniature because it is a separate variety, which is exhibited separately, is registered as another variety and is not crossed with the standard. It is not a marketing name as it happens with other breeds such as the Maltese or Yorkshire. There are no toy dachshunds.

The country of origin of the Dachshund is Germany, and for this reason, in the countries belonging to the FCI, the German standard is followed in the exhibitions. In America and England the norms are different, but they are not the ones we follow in the European shows.

In a litter of two miniature Dachshund parents, both miniature and Kaninchen can be born, and the same happens if both parents are Kaninchen.

The sizes Kaninchen and miniature in other countries are crossed between them, in Spain it is necessary to ask for authorization as in Germany.

There are even dogs that can be in one or another size depending on what their owner prefers, if from two minis is born a dog with a perimeter between 30 and 32 cm could be passed to kaninchen or leave it in mini if we prefer.

2- Which variety of dachshund to choose ?

If we want a dog to accompany us on very long walks, cycling, running, etc, it is better to choose a standard.

If we have very small children it is better not to choose a very small kaninchen, to avoid accidents. The smaller the dog is, the more the child will want to carry it in his arms, and the more risk we have of something happening to him if he falls, for example.

Otherwise it is a matter of taste. Think that a cocker can weigh about 14-15 kg and a westy about 10 kg and they are small dogs. Even the standard teckel is a small dog, smaller than a coker by far.

The minis are about half the weight of a standard, going from about 5 kg to 9 kg. And between a mini and a kaninchen the difference in weight can go from 0 to 2 kilos, going from 3 kg to 5 kg at the most.

In the same variety it must be taken into account that the highest weight ranges correspond to the males. The mini females do not usually weigh 5 kilos, but rather 3 or 4 kilos, like the kaninchen males.

The minis are more manageable than the standard ones, take up less space, need less exercise, eat less, comb and dry their hair faster, etc.

But between mini and kaninchen the difference in handling is so small that we prefer mini, because aesthetically they usually have a much nicer structure, they look more like the standard teckel, to the point that some of them you can’t tell the size in a photo if you don’t say so. The kaninchen are usually noticed in photos without clear size references, because they usually have less bone and less typical structures of the breed.

The kaninchen can also give some more problems at birth, especially if the female is very small and brings one or two puppies, which would lead in many cases to a caesarean section.

In any case, the Dachshund is originally a hunting dog, it is not a handbag dog in any of its varieties. It is a dog that likes to walk when we go for a walk, and it is not a dog to be carried in the street. In most cases they live as companion dogs, but they are robust dogs that can do field work hunting, they can follow our rhythm perfectly as long as they are not marathon days. Small puppies get tired earlier, as in all breeds, and the length of their legs can make them more tired, but as adults they follow our rhythm very well.

There is an unwritten rule that says that the smaller the dog is the more restless and barking it is. It cannot be confirmed and in any case it is educable, we can teach dogs not to bark for anything. But it seems that Chihuahuas confirm it, heh, heh.

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