Dachshund Rottweiler Mix: Brave, Perfect, Protective House Dog

Dachshund Rottweiler Mix: Brave, Perfect, Protective House Dog


Is it true that you are searching for a pet that can be both amicable and defensive? The Dachsweiler is a canine that is solid, cherishing, and extremely astute. This is a variety that can be the ideal variety for your family with the character of both the Dachshund and the Rottweiler.

-Best Things About the Dachsweiler

The Dachsweiler has both the character of two exceptionally famous varieties, the Dachshund, and the Rottweiler. You won’t ever be certain precisely the thing you will get with a blended variety however here are probably the best things about possessing a Dachsweiler:

*They are extremely solid and solid like the Rottweiler.

Extremely cherishing and appreciated variety.

*They are viewed as an otherworldly variety since they are half breed and there isn’t a ton of data on this variety.

*You can sort out what your Dachsweiler will resemble by focusing on the parent breeds.

*This breed will be long similar to the Weiner Dog however will be solid and strong like the Rottweiler.

– Pros of Owning a Dachsweiler

There are numerous aces of claiming a Dachsweiler, for example,

Exceptionally steadfast.

Extremely brilliant.

Extremely defensive.

They are not difficult to prep since they just shed intensely double a year.

This is an exceptionally astute variety and can be effectively prepared with encouraging feedback and mental incitement.

Incredible family canines.

This variety is solid and mindful.

Mingling early can make this incredible individuals canine.

They are viewed as low-support canines.

Extremely cherishing and loving.

Fun character.

Tolerating of little creatures, including felines.

– Cons of Owning a Dachsweiler

There are a couple of cons of possessing a Dachsweiler including:

Can be excessively defensive of their family and domain.

Try not to do well in little places or condos. Needs a fenced-in yard.

Are not incredible canines for new proprietors.

Can become ruinous and have conduct issues whenever left alone to an extreme.

Are frequently defiant.

They are known to bark a ton if not prepared effectively at a youthful age.

Can show hostility to different canines of a similar sex.

-History of Dachshund and the Rottweiler Mix

The Dachsweiler is a blend between the Dachshund and the Rottweiler. Despite the fact that we know minimal with regards to the Dachsweiler, we realize that the Rottweiler is a canine that has been around since around 75 AD and was made to assist with grouping dairy cattle. These canines would later assist with pulling weighty trucks and they were viewed as canines that were exceptionally solid.

At the point when the Rottweiler advanced toward Germany, it was known as a Rottweil, and it was utilized to assist with accomplishing military work and to be a gatekeeper canine. It in the end became famous in the United States as a working or police canine. This is viewed as one of the most well known canines on the planet.

The Dachshund then again started in Germany and was a badger canine. It is a canine that was known to chase more modest creatures and was incredible at being a guard dog. This canine turned out to be less well known doing World War 1 yet in the end made as its would prefer to the United States where it become more famous.

Dachshunds started to be reared with other more modest canines, however reproducing turned out to be more particular after 1910, and Dachshunds were reproduced with numerous different sorts of canines, including Rottweiler, which is the place where the Dachsweiler came from.

-Temperament of the Dachsweiler

The Dachsweiler is an architect canine thus you are not even certain precisely what you will get. This will profoundly rely upon the parent breed.

Both the Rottweiler and the Dachshund are exceptionally faithful and mindful thus you can expect that the Dachsweiler will have this equivalent character and will make an extraordinary family canine.

The Dachsweiler is an entirely versatile canine that can be prepared and mingled despite the fact that it is regularly obstinate. A canine can function admirably in lofts or homes and can function admirably for new proprietors on the off chance that they have a solid character and can take predominance immediately.

The Dachsweiler will get its hunting nature from the Dachshund parent and will frequently pursue more modest creatures. It is a pioneer canine and will be exceptionally defensive of its family and its domain.

This is an adoring and delicate canine that is truly solid. This canine loves to be intellectually invigorated and is extremely clever.

With the right preparing, this variety will be extraordinary with others, kids, and different creatures, even felines. The Dachsweiler is an exceptionally charming, dynamic, entertaining, and warm canine.

-Is the Dachsweiler a Good Pet for Children?

Indeed. This variety is awesome with families with youngsters. Assuming you need this canine to be friendly with others, associate at a youthful age.

Make sure to show your youngsters how to contact your canine and ensure that you direct your canine around any kids, even your own, to keep them from playing too generally with your canine. This can assist you with preparing and mingle your pet to hold it back from getting forceful.

-Is the Dachsweiler a Good Pet with Other Animals?

Indeed. This variety will be great with pets within your home and is even known to be incredible with felines that live in the home. This can be far superior in case you mingle your canine at a youthful age.

-How Long with My Dachsweiler Live?

The future of the Dachsweiler is between 12 to 14 years old.

-What Will A Dachsweiler Look Like?

The Dachsweiler will get somewhere in the range of 12 and 25 crawls in tallness and from 27 to 100 pounds.

Contingent upon the parent blend, the Dachsweiler can have various looks. Some will have the normal shading of the Rottweiler like the dark and tan mixes. Some will have a dark body and a tan and dark face where different pieces of the body may have some tan markings.

This canine has additionally been found in blue and cream colorings too. This is a more limited canine and will typically not get more than 24 creeps in tallness however can weigh in excess of 100 pounds.

Despite the fact that this canine will be a lot greater than the Dachshund breed, it will get a portion of the appearances of the Dachshund like a more drawn out body and more limited legs. The head will probably be molded like the Rottweiler and it will have the strength and the body state of the Rottweiler.

-What Coat Colors Can the Dachsweiler Have?

The Dachsweiler will have a medium to long, thick, and wiry coat. It will have coat tones including:






Markings of tan and dark are frequently seen.

-Is the Dachsweiler a Hypoallergenic Dog? Does this Breed Shed?

No, the Dachsweiler isn’t a hypoallergenic canine, and it will shed double a year, once in the late spring and once in the colder time of year.

-How to Groom the Dachsweiler

The Dachsweiler is viewed as a low-support canine and it has a more extended coat that is wiry or here and there a short and smooth coat. You can brush this canine once per week to dispose of matting and hair that is free or shedding.

You ought to never wash your Dachsweiler time after time since it can make its skin become dry and flaky thus possibly wash when required.

Ensure that you clean this varieties teeth twice or three times each week since it is known to be inclined to gum infection and awful breath. This can assist with disposing of tartar development and forestall dental issues.

Managing the nails, two or three times each month can hold the nails back from tearing. This can be less on the off chance that your canine wears their nails out normally while taking strolls.

Check the ears of the Dachsweiler every day to ensure that there is no release or disease. Since this canine will have floppy ears, check for bugs or development. Assuming you observe that your canine has a foul scent or release, visit the vet immediately.

* Here are some extraordinary preparing tips for your Dachsweiler:

Brush your canine since early on so it can become accustomed to getting brushed.

Continuously handle this varieties feet and paws regularly on the grounds that this can assist you with having the option to manage its nails without disturbing it.

Make preparing a good time for the Dachsweiler and proposition rewards when it allows you to prep it.

Continuously focus on your canines ears, hide, skin and ensure that you see nothing unusual like redness, irritation of the skin, bruises, rashes, redness, release, or some other recognizable medical problems.

As a guideline, groom this variety like you would the Dachshund breed.

-Food and Nutrition for the Dachsweiler

Feed your Dachsweiler up to 2 cups of good kibble every day. Ensure that you partition their food into two separate suppers so your canine doesn’t overheat.

Note that a canine that has more energy and consumes off a larger number of calories will eat in excess of a canine that isn’t dynamic. Estimating the food and taking care of your Dachsweiler will assist with making a point to forestall diabetes and corpulence related ailments.

Since the Dachshund breed is inclined to weight gain, consistently focus on the Dachsweiler food admission to ensure that it doesn’t get overweight and has a fair eating routine.

-What Kind of Exercise Does the Dachsweiler Breed Need?

The Dachsweiler is an exceptionally dynamic canine and should be dynamic for no less than an hour and a half every day. You can split this up to take your canine out various times each day for strolls or for recess.

Keeping your canine dynamic will assist with ensuring that your canine doesn’t become overweight and will assist with conduct issues that your canine will have in case it becomes exhausting or doesn’t get sufficient action.

-Is the Dachsweiler Easy to Train?

The Dachsweiler isn’t generally a simple canine to prepare in light of the fact that it tends to be obstinate and once in a while forceful towards canines of a similar sex. In the event that you pick the Dachsweiler breed, you want to attempt to begin preparing them promptly when bringing them home.

This variety has to realize that you are the head of the home and when you train this variety, consistently utilize encouraging feedback. Try not to shout or utilize negative preparing in light of the fact that this is an exceptionally wise canine and can be extremely delicate so regrettable preparing can cause it to have conduct issues.

Continuously show restraint toward this variety and you will see that you can have a polite canine.

Mingle this canine immediately with the goal that it can find out with regards to better places, creatures, and individuals which will assist your Dachsweiler with feeling certain and protected around others and creatures.

-Does the Dachsweiler Have Any Known Health Risks?

A portion of the medical conditions that the Dachsweiler can have include:

epilepsy, IVDD (Intervertebral Disk Disease), Gastric Dilation Volvulus or Bloat, Hip Dysplasia, Entropion, Patellar Luxation, Canine Diabetes Mellitus.


Intervertebral Disk Disease or IVDD

Gastric Dilation Volvulus (Bloat)

Hip Dysplasia


Patellar Luxation

Canine Diabetes Mellitus

Continuously focus on hereditarily passed down medical issues that can emerge out of either the Dachshund or the Rottweiler breed.

-How Much Does A Dachsweiler Cost?

The expense of a Dachsweiler can go from $400 to $1500 dollars relying upon the raiser. The Dachshund will run anyplace somewhere in the range of $700 and $1600 dollars and the Rottweiler goes in cost from $700 to $1500 with the normal Rottie blend cost around $1000.

-Where Can You Find a Dachsweiler?

While getting a Dachsweiler for your family, you should initially check out a salvage or a sanctuary. Assuming that you buy a Dachsweiler from a raiser, ensure the individual you are getting it from is a legitimate reproducer.

– Finding Dachsweiler Breeders

When searching for a Dachsweiler raiser, ensure that you are tracking down a respectable reproducer. Assuming you do this, you will have a superior shot at finding a canine that is healthy and that has a decent character.

Ensure that you find a raiser that wellbeing tests their creatures and that they go to your home with a wellbeing check and an immunization before leaving the reproducer.

– What Do You Need to Consider Before Choosing a Dachsweiler Breeder?

Ensure that you are continually conversing with your reproducer. This is significant so you can get the data that you want about the little dogs that they are selling.

Search for these things:

Is the doggy perfect and glad?

Does it have a lot of toys and a pleasant dozing region?

Is the spot clean and do the reproducer and the canines appear to be content?

Request to meet the parent breed and you can discover the character and wellbeing so you will know what sort of doggy you will probably get. Notice in the event that they are perfect, prepped, have pleasant toys and a comfortable bed, and assuming the raiser and the canines appear to be content.

Continuously get some information about these things prior to getting another pup:

Papers including a guarantee and contract and a duplicate of parent papers.

Medication and inoculations that the doggy has and is taking.

How old the pup is (never bring home before 12 weeks).

Assuming that the doggy is being fixed or fixed.

Never buy a doggy from a pup plant and ensure that you have administrative work from the reproducer that is marked and has an agreement to ensure you are getting a solid canine.

Other Important FAQs:

Here are a few inquiries that individuals frequently pose about the Dachsweiler breed:

Is the Dachsweiler inclined to be forceful?

Indeed. Since this canine is a blend of the Dachshund and the Rottweiler, odds are good that it tends to be forceful in view of its defensive and hunting senses.

Is the Dachsweiler a Protective Breed?

Indeed. This is a variety that is exceptionally defensive of its family and home.

Does the Dachsweiler Bark a Lot?

Indeed. This canine is known to have an uproarious and profound bark and will bark a ton when there are outsiders or when it becomes exhausted.

Is the Dachsweiler Considered High Maintenance? No. This variety isn’t viewed as high upkeep and can be handily prepped and dealt with.

Would you be able to Leave the Dachshund Breed Alone a Lot? No. This canine loves to have socialization with its family and can become exhausted rapidly. Letting this variety be a great deal can prompt conduct issues and hostility.

Does the Dachsweiler Breed Like to Cuddle?

Indeed. This is an extremely adoring and loving variety.

Last Thoughts

Assuming you keep thinking about whether the Dachsweiler is the ideal canine for your family, the issue is that there isn’t a lot of data about this canine variety as of the present moment. You can analyze the Rottweiler and the Dachshund, the two of which are well known varieties, and this can provide you with a thought of what sort of pet you will have.

When you are prepared to contribute your experience with a planner canine and give time to prepare and mingle this variety then, at that point, odds are you will see that you have a shrewd, solid willed, faithful, and friendly canine that can make your family entirety.

Picking the right type of canine isn’t in every case simple yet when you are prepared to pick your variety, realize that the Dachsweiler could be a magnificent decision for yourself as well as your family.


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