Dachshund puppy: How to choose the ideal woufbox?

Dachshund puppy: How to choose the ideal woufbox?


Did you know that the Dachshund, especially at a young age, deserves a lot of attention and care? As soon as your Dachshund is born, you will need a woufbox to make your job easier and to offer him a quality care. Here is the ideal one for your dachshund puppy.

1- Dachshund puppy owners’ question: Why a woufbox?

And we will reply “why not a woufbox? Have we forgotten that the dog requires a good education? Well, especially if your puppy is a Dachshund because he will need to develop his skills and obedience from the beginning? Offering a Woufbox at the arrival of the puppy will always be a good idea.

Let’s remember for Woufbox is this surprise box offered to your dog so that you can properly maintain him or surprise your canine. Once unveiled, the woufbox contains canine pet supplies, food products, accessories and toys? So why not?

2- What type of woufbox is ideal for a Dachshund puppy?

We would also like to reiterate that the Dachshund (also known as a wiener dog) puppy is that animal with long floppy ears. It is then useless to specify the necessity to reinforce its grooming in particular at the level of the ears. Dog particularly of hunting, little Saucisse, begins to classify itself in the row of the canines, where from the need to reinforce and to teach him to work its armed jaws.

Finally being small, the awakening is primordial. His age will involve moments of play. It is sometimes the same interest that leads to say that he will need to be comforted at all the first steps he will have made of his learning, hence some snacks.

3- Finally, which one to choose?

Even for a Dachshund puppy, there will be categories of Woufbox according to his age. Indeed, the needs are according to their stage of development. At a very young age, i.e. about one month old, the Dachshund will need to eat more than to play. The Woufbox thus contributes to offer him a more cozy and tasty life like treats, dishes, plush. Around two months, the little canine will gradually abandon its sedentary life and will no longer stop playing and require more attention. At this point, chew bones, toothpaste and cleaning wipes are provided. And at his third month, he will scrutinize the whole house of his owner and make havoc or leave his little unpleasant smells where the washcloth, the toys in the shape of shoes.

Thus, we all know the difficulty of making a surprise to the dog and much more of a puppy and especially if it is a Dachshund!

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