Anxiety and Agitation of Dachshunds Dogs

Anxiety and Agitation of Dachshunds Dogs


Wiener dogs have a lot of personality in a small body. Because they don’t need much space, dachsies are popular pets for apartment dwellers. However, the breed’s tendency to be restless and anxious can make life difficult for both dog and owner.

Anxiety : Causes

Dachshunds tend to suffer from separation anxiety. Before domestication, dogs were pack animals – the tendency to feel anxious when separated from the pack is inherent in your wiener dog. People often keep dachshunds in pairs, or with other pets, to reduce separation anxiety. The Dachshund’s stature and body type can also promote anxiety – the dog’s very short legs can make it feel threatened and anxious around other larger dogs.

Anxiety : Solutions

Dachsies are often very schedule-oriented and upset by change. You can help your dog stay calm by maintaining regular feeding, exercise and work schedules. If your dog knows that you will almost always come home from work within a certain time frame, he will be less anxious. If you work long or unusual hours, consider hiring a pet sitter or having someone else walk your wiener dog during your shift. Provide an exciting array of dog toys for your dachshund to play with while you’re away – if he has to resolve his anxiety over an inanimate object, better a dog chew than your shoe.

Agitation : Causes

The Dachshund breed was designed to hunt badgers and other burrow-dwelling creatures. A degree of restlessness – and a curious nature – is bred into the Dachshund throughout its history as a hunting dog. Dachshunds are also generally very interested in humans in the home and may jump up and down to seek human attention and approval. Other agitated behaviors – for example, pawing and digging at the ground – are also a result of the dog’s hunting experience.

Agitation : Solutions

Making sure your dog gets enough exercise to be really tired at the end of the day will make a big difference in his agitation level. A good goal for a Dachshund is 30 minutes of exercise per day. This can be in the form of a walk on a leash or several free running sessions in the yard or around your house. If your dachshie has regular opportunities to explore new environments, it can satisfy his curiosity about the world and be more relaxing at home.

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