7 Tips for safe travel with your dog

7 Tips for safe travel with your dog


Planning a trip with your pet? Even the most enthusiastic traveler can feel anxious on a very long trip.

Traveling by car with your pet can be a wonderful experience, but first you should take some precautions to ensure everyone’s safety and your dog’s peace of mind.

Here are some tips to make car travel as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone:

1.- Watch out for the temperature.

Even with the air conditioning on, a dog traveling in the back of a car can overheat due to direct sunlight entering the vehicle.

A sunshade or towel draped over the window will keep out too much heat and keep your traveling companion cool.

2.- Never leave your dog locked in the car.

It can take just a few minutes for the temperature to rise high enough to kill an animal. Don’t do it!

3.- Help your dog relax

If your dog suffers from anxiety during the trip, you can use a product such as pet calming spray.

Avoid tranquilizers that can lower the animal’s blood pressure and make the dog more prone to heat-related medical emergencies.

4.- Keep your dog restrained

Your traveling companion should be in a crate or restrained by a seat belt made especially for animals. Dogs traveling unrestrained in a car can be dangerous to themselves, humans traveling with them and other motorists.

5.- Make two tags for your dog

One with your home address and one with the destination address in case the dog gets lost on the road. You should also have your dog’s tag and rabies certificate.

6.- Do not forget his belongings.

Your dog will appreciate some familiar things from home: his favorite blanket, for example, or some toys. Bringing drinking water and food from home will help prevent an upset stomach. And don’t forget cleaning supplies, because accidents happen.

7.- Keep the curtains closed in the hotel.

If your dog is territorial and you’re spending a night in a hotel, keep the curtains closed so the dog doesn’t feel the need to protect his new turf from everyone walking by the windows.


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