10 questions about the Dachshund

10 questions about the Dachshund


Do you have a Dachshund at home or would you like to share magical moments with one?

In this article, discover the Dachshund in 10 questions.

1- How does a Dachshund behave ?

The Dachshund has well developed hunting instincts. Although he doesn’t look like one, he is a great sportsman who needs to go for a walk very regularly to feel good.

Well-educated, he can be an adorable companion and adapt to the presence of children, cats or even other animals.

2- What is the character of the Dachshund ?

The Dachshund has its own character, assertive and strong. It is not so easy to train. However, if his education and socialization are well done and from a young age, he will be a great companion. It is a very pleasant dog to live with, with a cheerful nature. It is also endowed with a great intelligence.

He can adapt to any situation, he is really a versatile dog.

The important thing to keep in mind is his need for walks.

3- How to take care of a Dachshund ?

The Dachshund does not require any particular care, it adapts easily. In addition to the classic care such as brushing (especially for long-haired Dachshunds), it is important to take care of its well-being by offering it the possibility to stretch its legs frequently.

Indeed, if he likes cuddles and treats (like any self-respecting dog), he loves above all the fresh air and walks!

4- Can the Dachshund live with children ?

There is no problem with children if the children have learned to respect the dog and not to consider it as a toy. However, you should make sure that the dog is socialized and that it is around children from a very young age.

5- Can the Dachshund live with other animals ?

Yes, but in order for the cohabitation to go well, the Dachshund must be socialized from its first months. Indeed, given its assertive character and its past as a hunter, the Dachshund can have a tendency to be dominant. However, it is necessary to bring him into contact with other dogs from a very young age.

Obviously, the eternal question of cohabitation with cats arises. Just as with other dogs, the Dachshund will get along well with cats if he has been used to them since he was a child. Dachshunds have been known to become very friendly with cats.

6- What is the difference between a Dachshund and a female Dachshund ?

There are few differences between male and female Dachshunds. It is generally found that females are better guardians and are more independent. Males will be more affectionate.

Ideally, the Dachshund’s daily routine is filled with walks several times a day. Cuddles, games, good brushing and adequate food should also be provided.

7- The Dachshund in the city

The Dachshund is a versatile dog. Because of its small size, you can really take it everywhere. However, to be happy, the Dachshund will need to be taken out very regularly.

8- How to feed a Dachshund ?

The Dachshund needs, like all dogs, an adapted diet that takes into account its physical activity. He is a little glutton, so you have to watch him so that he does not become overweight, which could cause back problems.

It should be noted that diabetes is a frequent health problem in Dachshunds. In this case, the diet will be very important and you should follow the advice of your veterinarian.

9- Can we leave a Dachshund alone for a few moments ?

The Dachshund is a loyal animal, very attached to his master whom he follows everywhere. It will be difficult to leave him alone, because he could be very unhappy and adopt a destructive behavior.

His happiness is to be with his master and follow him like a little dog!

10- Is it easy to keep your dog ?

It is easy to keep your Dachshund. Indeed, it is a very friendly dog and not very cumbersome. It is a good companion dog and an ideal partner for walks in the open air. Versatile, he knows how to adapt to all kinds of environment.

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